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Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Program is a series of initiatives created by the world’s largest entrepreneurship Network (A.Y.E) for the development and Empowerment of African Entrepreneurs.

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How we can grow your business

Since 2012, A.Y.E has funded entrepreneurs across Africa, helping them start, grow and expand their businesses and contribute to the economic development of their countries.

We are further expanding this funding program to reach out to SME’s in remote rural communities and artisans who are financially excluded and therefore with little or no means of accessing much needed capital for business improvements and growth.

Funds for Innovations

We support and empower innovations with capacity to create impact and engender positive change. They could be business models, new technologies, or new ways of delivering products and services that enhance the lives of the ordinary African.

Funds for Agriculture

We want to be able to transform small clusters of subsistence farming across Africa into larger units belong to agricultural sectors and hence be able to enhance quality based of support, exchange and quality due to improved methods and mechanization and automations.

Funds for Startups

By providing seed funding for start-ups and SME’s at various stages of their new ventures, we are able to help African founders build creative companies that attract and win investors across the world.

Funds for Artisans

A huge number of Africa’s small business population consists of artisans and handymen who provide invaluable services to businesses and homes, but most cannot meet the unrealistic conditions to access funds. A.Y.E provides funds to help these artisans sustain their trade and develop their capabilities even more.

Funding African Entrepreneurs

Why the Fund?

AFRICA’S YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS EMPOWERMENT FUNDS for Africa was created to further reach out and empower more Creative African businesses across the continent to ensure sustainability and growth.

The funding opportunity is focused on four key sectors of African Economies:

Funds for Innovations
Funds for Agriculture
Funds for Start-Ups
Funds for Artisans


How it works

AYEEF’s funding approach focuses on promoting business sustainability and growth by empowering entrepreneurs to start, scale-up, collaborate and expand their businesses.



This is done via an online portal where entrepreneurs fill in basic information about themselves and their business.



After completing your application, you will be required to complete a business plan template form (BPT).

This form is obtained from our accredited agency (Business Take-Off Services). The form contains simple questions about your business and should be submitted to



A one-minute elevator pitch may be requested so as to put a face to the business or idea submitted. This provides an opportunity for the entrepreneur to further defend their application for funding and showcase themselves to other possible investors.



Entrepreneurs with successful business pitches will be invited to present before the panel of A.Y.E judges in South Africa. The travel , accommodation , and other logistics will be fully covered by the organization for entrepreneurs who reside outside the Republic of South Africa.


Professor Phillip Auerswald –
Director, Global Entrepreneurship Network

Africa’s richest woman and A.Y.E Chief Executive Patroness, Folorunso Alakija.

Africa’s Most successful retail Giant (SHOPRITE) shares his view on Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs.